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For Ladies - Our service will cater for your mental and physical needs. We specialize in a sensual massage that will relax your tension, arouse your sensual awareness and heighten your appreciation for pleasure. Our masseuse will locate and stimulate the sensitive zones of your body bringing you to an increased level of sexual arousal. Yoni massage will lead you to a greater experience of intense orgasm before bringing you slowly back to a normal relaxed state.

For Gentlemen - Our external prostate massage will offer you a relaxing and sensual massage. Your attractive masseuse will use her hands to gently stroke and stimulate the various erogenous parts of your body. She will intensify the stimulation as she learns your response through her touch. Slowly and pleasurably she will bring you to a final release of all that tension before settling you down to a relaxed and satisfied state.



What happens in a Tantric massage session?

During a Tantric massage session, your masseuse will coach you into breathing in a pattern that will calm you as well as create an atmosphere of tranquility as the massage continues. This will enable you to enter a relaxing state earlier and enjoy the massage to the full.

Your attractive masseuse will not exclude any part of your body for her careful and tender attention.

Clients may choose to climax in orgasm or may just enjoy the heightened sexual energy. We advise neither because both are mere stepping stones to helping our clients enjoy the journey more than merely the destination. Our therapy is designed to enable our clients to harness one’s sexual energy and in doing so integrate that to develop a strong and healthy daily living.


Are Therapists Naked during a Tantric Massage?

Yes, therapists are naked during a Tantric massage session but we strongly discourage clients to touch the therapist. It is important that you relax and try to receive “in full” the attention and therapy given to you by the therapist. Your respect for the therapist is also appreciated.

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